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Adding Firewire to your Computer

USB to Firewire adapters are now on the market. Pixela makes this adapter. You can see it by clicking here. We do not sell this adapter at this time. This adapter is made for connecting firewire cameras to your USB port. At this time, no other Firewire device will work.

My personal thoughts on these adapters is that they are terriffic. They do get the job done. At the same time, I do have a few discrepencies that would need to be resolved before I fork up over 100 dollars to get one.

1. They are made for only Firewire cameras with DV (4 pin) ports.

Although there is a large amount of Firewire cameras on the market, they do not even fill half of the overall Firewire market. Since no other Firewire devices will work, if I ever get another Firewire device, I will need to add a seperate port for that device.

2. They are considerably more expensive than other Firewire solutions.

These other Firewire solutions are PCMCIA Firewire cards, and PCI Firewire cards. PCI Firewire cards range from about $13 to $60. Firewire PCMCIA cards range from about $25 to $38. The cheapest I’ve found the USB to Firewire adapter is $130.

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