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Are you getting LapBurn? Try the laptop cooler.

With laptops becoming more of a mainstream computer solution, more people are suffereing from lapburn. Lapburn is caused by overheated laptops resting too long on the laps of users. It can be very uncomfortible, and I’m sure that the sergeon general would strongly discourage anyone from purposefully getting it. Lapburn can be prevented by using laptop coolers. And as one of my old health professors always use to say, “prevention is the best medicine.”

We carry two varieties of laptop coolers. One is the XPad Laptop Heatshield. The other is the Nexus Computer Notebook Cooler.

Not only do these laptop coolers prevent lapburn, they also increase the life of your laptop. When your laptop stays cool, its fans arent on as long. Since the fans aren’t on as long, your battery life will last longer.

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