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Built NY Laptop Bags

For those of you who have been watching we recently added Timbuk2 and STM Bags to our line up. Now we’re happy to add Built NY the store.

Built NY is rad:
Not a very subtle title I know. Nonetheless, I’ve been very impressed with the Built NY bags. One of the nicest things is that they fit all sized notebooks. Lewis(co-worker) has one of those massive 17 inch Dell laptops and has had a really hard time finding a bag for it. He tried the STM and Timbuk2 bags but they just weren’t big enough for the massive girth that characterizes the 17 inch Dell. All the Built NY bags are made out of neoprene(yes that’s the same stuff that they use to make wetsuits). So it’s stretchy enough fit slightly oversized devices like Lewis’s fatty laptop or widescreen Macbooks. The fabric isn’t the only thing that contributes. Each bag has an hourglass shape. I think this has two functions, in my mind it fits more sizes because it has to stretch in the middle and not at the seams. The second is that the corners are left with extra cushion because there is more material there. So far we have quite a few laptop sleeves, notebook shoulder bags and camera/pda/mp3/cellphone bags. Each line comes in Black, navy blue, green and hotstripes(see exemples below).

 I might actually pick up one of these sleeves to hold my Macbook Pro. I currently use a shoulder bag as a sleeve inside my backpack. It’s kind of silly but I like having the shoulder bag in my backpack on the occasion that I just want that instead of the pack. The sleeve would be a nice alternative because it offers more padding. The portfolio cases are really professional looking (see: maybe too professional for my casual “I found all my clothes at concerts” style). Eyner(co-worker) bought one of these as soon as we got them in and seems to have been enjoying it. He looks a lot more professional. It’s a good fit for someone going for casual professional look.

Camera/small electronics bags:
I can’t close this post without making a quick mention of the iPod pouches. They come in three sizes to fit iPods, cellphones, mp3 players, small cameras and other electronics.

 Rather than using a clip or something you just loop the body of the pouch through the hole. It’s a lot like airplane baggage tags. It’s nice because there aren’t any moveable parts to break. So check out our new Built NY collection. We currently limit our line to the tech related products but may expand into thier other product lines if we see a future in it.

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