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Changing the COM port on USB to Serial adapters

With the various USB to serial adapters we sell it is often necessary to change the COM port it is assigned to. It’s a fairly simple process once you know the method. You first just need to get into the windows device manager. If you’re not aware of how to get there you can do it as follows:
(Right click on My Computer -> click propterties -> click hardware -> click Device manager)

This will bring up the device manager. Then you need to click the plus next to the Ports (COM and LPT) category.

FTDI USB to serial Port in the Device manager:
Device Manager

Then double click on the USB to serial adapter.

FTDI USB to serial port properties:
USB properties

Click the port settings tab.

Port settings tab:

Click advanced.

Advanced options:

Once you get to this point you can select the proper COM port for your equipment. COM 1 is generally the most universal. Once you’ve selected the COM port just click the OK buttons until you are back to the device manager. Then you can close that and you’re all set.

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