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Chipset compatibilities

Many incompatibilities between device and controllers, are caused by incompatibilities with chipsets. For example, Our SW-1301 uses a prolific chipset. We have seen cases where a GPS unit is compatible with one of our prolific chipsets and not another. If you find that you are having compatibility problems, then try another chipset. Our SW-1301, SW-1310, SW-1901. SW-1902 use the prolific chipset. SW-1314, SW-1315, SW-1316, SW-1317, SW-1318 all use an FTDI chipset. SW-1322 has a BAFO chipset. SW-1319, SW-1320, DSU-100, QSU-100 all use the Quatech chipset. You can view our USB to serial adapters at our support site. Chipsets do not only affect Serial adapters. They can affect most controllers (i.e. USB, Firewire, etc..).

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