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Compact Flash HD

A while back my brother gave me a beautifully old IBM Thinkpag 380. It has a 486 cpu. It was running Win95 on 16 MB of Ram with 500MB hard drive space. One day i was floating in the incomprehensible void of the bios, when I noticed a picture of a PCMCIA card in the boot menu. I grabbed a Compact Flash card, put it in a Compact Flash to PCMCIA card adapter.

Booting from a CF card can make your boot quicker, since there are no moving parts involved. Also, not as much heat is generated. Another biggie is that less power is consummed. In other words, my battery life is much longer.

CF card

Another cool thing about Compact Flash is that it is extremely lightweight. Compact flash cards are at least 10 times lighter(the drive in my laptop was about 30 times heavier than the CF card I used). If your arms are becoming apathetic, you just may want to swap out that HD for a CF.

The moral of the story is this: Compact Flash cards are lightweight, have no moving parts, reduce heat, and increase your battery life. The only downside of CF is that it hasnt reached the same sizes as regualr Hard Drives. In other words, do’nt plan to store all of your songs on your computer if you only have a Compact Flash card.

If you want to hook up a Compact Flash card to your desktop computer, you will need a CF to IDE adapter.


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