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Composite (Yellow RCA) and S-Video to HDMI Scaler, up to 720p

Check out our composite to HDMI solution.

Remember when dinosaurs roamed the Earth? No? Well the age-old problem of converting the analog composite (usually in the form of that yellow RCA connection) or S-Video to HDMI (the new popular digital HD connection for newer TVs) is about to be extinct like the dinosaurs with this new composite to HDMI converter, and pretty soon you won’t remember what it was like not to have this conversion either. We’ve tested it ourselves and give it an A-.

What’s the ‘A’ part for?

This box not only has the job of turning your composite source’s analog signal into something completely different and foreign, a digital signal, but also has to scale the video to a higher resolution, 720p. Well, the ‘A’ is for doing what it says it can do: convert composite to HDMI and upscale it to 720p. It does it startlingly well for an inexpensive scaler, preserving smooth video textures and no pixelation.

Why did it get a ‘-’?

The box won’t stretch the video picture, so if you are not using a 4:3 video source there is bound to be a skinny, almost unnoticeable vertical black bar on either the left or right side. We like that it won’t automatically stretch to fit your TV (there is an option in the menu to do so), but a perfect solution would put the picture in the middle.

We urge you to give it a shot, its the best alternative we’ve ever seen to anything over $300, and the only alternative we’ve seen so far that does this function alone and does it well.

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