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Covering Up a Mess

It's nearly every guy's problem and nearly every girl's pet peeve. An unorganized wire and cable mess. If you've ever set up a computer, television, or other electronic items, having wires coming from all different directions can really leave a sour note for guests to see.

Luckily a company introduced a revolutionary product called "The Cable Organizee". It simply allows you to quickly and efficiently "tie" together many cables into a single unified outer cover. Most packages include a tool that may look strange, but can save you time and enhance your home theater room, computer area, or anything else wherever there is a wire mess.


Cable Organizer

The cable organizer's come in a variety of lengths, sizes, and colors. From 100 feet of white 1 inch diameter covering to 10 feet of 3/4inch diameter black covering, you can quickly make any mess a thing of the past.

Check out Sewell Directs variety of Easy Cable Organizers.


50 feet Black

50 feet White

10 feet White

10 feet Black

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