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Create your own universal DC Power Supply

Just suppose that your power supplies for your laptop, scanner, printer, and pet robot have been destroyed by power supply eating grremlins. Well, here is the solution. Build yourself a new power supply that can do multiple voltages. I have included a simple diagram on how to do this below.

The other option is to stop being a cheapo and buy a premade power supply. We have a universal power supply for laptops as well as one for Mac G3 laptops that just may work for that old teddy ruxpin of yours. To find out what voltage you need, check the voltage on your device (usually on the bottom side of the unit). If you have an exact match then you are good to go. If the voltage is higher than what you need than you are out of luck. Amperes doesnt really affect the device as long as you are getting plenty, since the device will just take what it needs snyway.

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