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Cuteness with Attitude

Ever had the thought that you could be watching the latest re-run of Law and Order but you are rather typing your overdue research paper? Well now you can do both! The USB TV Tuner Cutebox is right for you.

I ran into the problem that my roommate would be watching TV when I wanted to play my Nintendo. So I decided to give the Cutebox a try. It has been one of my greatest investments. It allows me to watch cable TV or use any AV source via my USB port. The picture is great with a top resolution of 720 x 480. It delivers without choppy sound or lag in picture. Don't let the name fool you; it’s cute while delivering impressive picture power.

It allows for a coax, AV, and an S-Video source. With the added picture capture and video recording, I can use it as a Tivo directly on my laptop hard drive. The program is incredibly user friendly and lets me easily creates recording schedules for my favorite programs. It runs directly off bus power so I don’t get extra cable clutter. The added remote lets me kick back and enjoy the show and surf during commercials. The versatility of this little cute box goes beyond its original description. Check it out; you won’t be left with something to be desired.

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