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Expresscard to PCMCIA adapter

8/8/07 Update: We’re happy to say that the Express Card to PCMCIA Adapter has been a huge hit. And now Duel Systems has come out with the PCMCIA to Express Card Adapter, the fiendishly stylish inverse of the Express Card to PCMCIA, this cradle allows you to use newer, slimmer Express Cards in older computers that have Cardbus (PCMCIA) slots.

PCMCIA to Express Card Adapter

5/25/07 Update: Sewell Direct finally has an ExpressCard to PCMCIA Adapter in stock. We currently have a healthy stock ands plan to keep it this way. Our tech support reps report a surprisingly high success rate (considering how new the card is). A post on known incompatibility issues will be forthcoming, but we do offer a 30-day money back guarantee if you would like to purchase a card and see whether it works in your particular situation.

Express Card to PCMCIA Adapter

In a few weeks we will begin beta testing and adapter that will convert a Expresscard slot into a PCMCIA slot. Expresscard is the port on newer laptops used for addinging functionality to a computer. A lot of people don’t have an Expresscard solution for their computer. And so they turn to PCMCIA to make the right connection. Because it is newer technology we won’t know of too many compatibility issues right off. Saying that, the adapter is designed to work with all PCMCIA cards.

Also, I should say that we don’t have an exact release date.

Update: We talked to Duel Systems at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas and they have units in production. We hope to actually be shipping units very soon but we are currently at the mercy of the manufacturer. We have had a demo unit shipped to us and it seemed to work well. We had a couple of problems but these were reported to the manufacturer a couple months ago and we anticipate the problems to be worked out before it is released. No exact word on pricing yet but they will be significantly cheaper than the USB to PCMCIA solution.

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