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Extend your HDMI!

Sewell Direct will go to great lengths to make your HDMI signal go great lengths!

As good as HDMI is, it’s one weakness is the length of the cable you use for your HDMI signal. Under normal conditions, an HDMI cable can only reliably carry a signal up to 50 or 60 feet. If you need to go longer, we’re here for you. Here are a few of the HDMI repeater options available from Sewell Direct.

Accell UltraRun HDMI Cable

 Images Products Sw-5285-15 Sw-5285-15 Lg
This HDMI booster packs an internal repeater that is powered off of the HDMI signal itself. This cable is available in lengths of up to 45 meters.

HDMI Cat5 Extenders

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One option for extending your HDMI signal is to pump it over a standard Cat5 cable. Sewell Direct offers a couple HDMI Extenders that accomplish this feat. This allows you to accomplish amazing lengths of up to 1640 feet!

Standalone HDMI Repeater

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This standalone repeater is an inexpensive solution for boosting your HDMI signal up to 150 feet. It acts as a female to female adapter with an HDMI repeater built in. The repeater is powered off of the HDMI signal.

These are just a few options we offer, be sure to check out our full line of HDMI repeaters.

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