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If you have a Windows 2000 or XP computer that crashes, and you need to retrieve data, there are a few things you should know. If you cannot get windows to boot in anything other than safe mode, then you will need to use a bootdisk to boot to DOS. With Windows XP, and 2000, you will need a special utility on your bootdisk called NTFSDOS. XP and 2000 use a file system for the hard drives that cannot be normally seen from DOS. NTFSDOS makes it so you can see the files while in DOS. You can get NTFSDOS and setp up FastLynx DOS slave by clicking here.

The connection method that will have to use will either need to be through a parallel null modem cable, or a serial null modem cable. USB cables, as well as PCMCIA Serial and Parallel add on cards are not supported in DOS. If you have a newer laptop, that does not have parallel or serial ports, then your best bet is to use an External HD Enclosure or HD converters on your laptop drive. For this option you will need to remove the drive from your computer to determine what adapter you need.

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