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FastLynx vs. windows file transfer

I have had a lot of people ask me the difference between using FastLynx to transfer files between two computers and just transferring the files over a local network. Here are the basic differences:

1) Obviously transferring over a local network requires you to setup a network. If you don’t already have one or you don’t have another reason to set one up, FastLynx is easy to use and makes it easy to transfer files up to 480 Mbps (assuming both computers have USB 2.0).

2) Sometimes Windows just cannot handle large file transfers. For example, anybody who has transferring several gigabytes of data over a network has probably had a computer freeze at some point - FastLynx is more efficient at transferring and much more reliable.

3) When you transfer files over your network, you really need to know what you’re doing or else you might leave your computer vulnerable to outside attacks. FastLynx has a dedicated port that it uses, so any hackers out there sniffing for an insecurity are less likely to find your machine. Also, by default FastLynx supports local cable connections, which are completely secure (unless somebody physically broke into your house and connected the USB 2.0 bridge cable to their machine, installed the driver and transferred files).

The bottom line: FastLynx is easier to setup, more reliable and more secure than transferring files with Windows.

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