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Fastlynx TCP/IP transfer

To use Fastlynx in a TCP/IP transfer you will simply need to connect the two computers either over the network, or through a direct network connection (CAT5 Crossover cable or Firewire connection etc).

You will need to know the IP address of the computers. To find the IP address click on Start, Run, then type Command. This will open a DOS type command prompt. Type ipconfig and press enter; it will tell you the IP address of the computer (for example (In Macintosh or Linux based systems type ifconfig in a terminal window)

On the Listening computer open Fastlynx and in the Configuration menu select Security. Fastlynx by default is set to block all IP requests (for security reasons). In the box labeled "Except those with IP addresses in these ranges" click on the Add button. Enter a range of addresses that will include the IP address of the connecting computer (for example if the address of the connecting computer is you might want to enter and for the acceptable range). Click OK, check the TCP/IP checkbox, and set Fastlynx to Listen.

On the Connecting computer, check the TCP/IP checkbox and click the "Specify Remote Connection Parameters" Button. In the box labeled "IP address to connect to" enter the IP address of the Listening computer and click OK. You should then see the two file systems side by side on the connecting computer, and the Fastlynx window on the Listening computer should change to Slave mode. You can then navigate to the files/folders you wish to transfer.

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