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Fastlynx over a crossover cable

  1. Manually assign an IP address to each computer.
    • Start with your Connecting machine.
      1. In the Control Panel open the Network Connections and find your Ethernet adapter.
      2. Right click and select Properties.
      3. Select the Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) connection and press the Properties button.
      4. On the General tab, select the radio button that says "Use the following IP address" and input:

      IP Address
      Subnet Mask
      Default Gateway

    • On your listening computer you will want to do the same steps, only set the following address
    • IP Address
      Subnet Mask
      Default Gateway

    • Click OK to save the IP Address, and OK to close the connection properties.
  2. Start Fastlynx on Both computers.
  3. Set the Listening computer Security to allow TCP/IP
    • On the listening computer click on the Configuration menu and select security.
    • In the center of the security dialog box, make sure that the option is selected that says "Deny Access to all TCP/IP clients"
    • Then click on the "Add" button to the right of the box labeled "Except those with IP addresses in this range"
    • Enter the following range: Starting Ending
    • Click ok to set the range, and OK to close the security dialog box.
  4. Click on the "Specify Remote Connection Parameters" button
    • Make sure that the "Listen as server" radio button is selected
    • Check the "TCP/IP (LAN/Internet)" box.
    • Enter that computer's IP address (
    • Click OK.

    Fastlynx now should show next to TCP/IP "Listening on, port 2689"

  5. On your connecting computer, click on the "Specify Remote connection parameters" button
    • Make sure the "Connect as client" radio button is selected
    • Input in the TCP/IP section the address of the listening computer
    • Click OK

Fastlynx should then flash Connecting to then show the remote computer file system.

You can then transfer as usual.

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