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Gefen DVI3000 HD KVM Ultra Extender (6.25 miles)

OK, the name says it all, partially because it’s a really long name, but the Gefen DVI3000 HD KVM Ultra Extender (6.25 miles) is everything that it purports to be. This KVM extender lets you use a USB keyboard and mouse and DVI display up to 6 miles away from your system. From our product description:

Got a noisy computer? No problem. Leave your computer in the middle of the desert (or other remote location) and run a single duplex SC single mode fiber cable back to your workspace.

That pretty much sums it up.

As far as quality is concerned, the DVI port is HDCP compliant, and since the KVM signal is digitally encoded and sent along fiber optics, it’s completely lossless, so it’ll be like your tower’s sitting right next to you. Minus the noise, of course.

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