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HDMI Extension - Accell Ultrarun HDMI cables

HDMI Booster CableIf you’re planning out your next home theater project and it involves running HDMI cables over great distances the most common solution would be to use either an HDMI to RJ-45, or any run of the mill HDMI repeater. You’ll notice that both these adapters can achieve the same distance, 150 ft, but one is significantly more expensive. There is another solution that is a lot simpler and maintains the highest quality. That is using Accell’s Ultra run HDMI Cables for HDMI extension.

Accell HDMI Cables:
Accell has a pretty innovate product to replace the two afore mentioned products. HDMI cables come with wires built-in that are powered but not used. Accell took this unused power and built it into a signal booster that is built into the cable. Just like the other products, the max distance on the Accell cables is 150 feet.

Having a signal booster built-in to the cable has a few obvious advantages over using repeaters or baluns. The balun requires two HDMI cables, two ethernet cables and two baluns. That means that the video channel runs through at least three cables with six connections.

The active repeater does slightly better; requiring two HDMI cables (really long ones two, 75 foot each) and the single repeater. That means signals pass through two cables with a total of four connections. The only problem with having so many extra connections is that connection points are a major spot for signal degradation and signal loss. That’s why high quality cables invest so much in using gold-plating to get signals through the weakest part of a connection.

Accell also uses heavy shielding and over-molding to take signals past interference rich areas between floors or by electrical lines.

In short, the next time you need HDMI extension think about Accell’s Ultra run cables.
Accell HDMI Long Distance Cable 15 meter
Accell HDMI Long Distance Cable 25 meter
Accell HDMI Long Distance Cable 35 meter
Accell HDMI Long Distance Cable 45 meter

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