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Installing a PCI card

To a lot of people who aren’t really comfortable with computers, anyghing with the green ‘circut board’ looks daunting. But the fact is that PCI cards are simple to install and can add a lot of functionality to your desktop, from USB or Firewire ports, to modem/LAN cards or even a TV Tuner

Before making any hardware changes, if your computer is under warranty, check that it will not void your warranty. It usually is not a problem, but it’s always better to check.

This is what you are looking for:

There are usually a few PCI slots on the computer motherboard that line up with some brackets on the back of the computer. The brackets should be (relatively) the same size as the metal bracket on the PCI card.

The installation is simple. Turn off and unplug the computer, remove the case and find an available PCI slot At this point it is best to use an Anti Static Wrist strap like our Part No. SW-1130They are inexpensive, simple to use and can save a lot on the possibility of an accidental static shock.

Remove the bracket that matches up with the PCI slot, carefully push the card in, set the screw, and replace the computer cover. You can then reconnect your computer and turn it on.

It’s just that easy. If your PCI card came with an installation disk, insert it and go through the installation process.

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