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Installing the USB to Serial adapter in Mac OS X

Unfortunately installing the USB to Serial adapter in Mac OS X isn’t as intuitive as it is in other OS’s. So here’s the steps to install our part number SW-1301 or other USB to Serial adapters that use the prolific chipset:

(make sure the cable is not currently connected to the computer)

1 - Find and run the Mac OS installation file from the CD or download it here:
USB to Serial installation file for Mac OS X

The program should open a window like this:

Installation window

Just run through the basic setup instructions and it will install the driver.

2 - Once that’s done, plug the cable into the computer (without it being attached to any serial devices). Then we’ll want to make sure that it is being recognized properly. Click on the apple icon in the corner and click “about this mac.” This window should come up:

about this mac

Click the more info button and this window should come up:

System profile

Click on the USB link on the left hand side and you should see “USB-Serial Controller” listed under one of the USB Bus sections. If it is not then the Cable did not detect properly or the Driver did not install properly. Before moving on you’ll need to make sure that it is detecting.

3- If it is detecting then we need to enable it. Go to the apple button then click “System Preferences.” Click network at the top and you should see a window like this:

System Preferences

Then you need to click on the Show button and choose the bottom item in the list, “Network Port Configurations.” The window should change to this:

Port Configurations

Check the box next to usbserial and click apply now. Now your USB to Serial adapter should be enabled and ready to go.

If it’s still not working feel free to give our tech support a call or an email.

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