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K2 Flat Panel Wall mounts

Is it time to beef up the home theater already? We’ve got just the thing to spice things up. While we were at CES, cruising the floor looking for the latest tech we came across K2 Wall mounts and they showed us motorized flat-panel wall mounts.
Sweet mercy it moves!:
 As if your 60 inch flat panel TV wasn’t already cool enough the uses a remote control to adjust the viewing angle on the fly. Plus it looks sleek. I’d love to have one of these in my living room, whenever I had parties and had to adjust my home theater to accomodate more people I could move the display without getting up.
Not just a remote control, but home automated:
In addition to IR control the mount can also connect via RS-232 to your home automation equipement. You could set the LCD to automatically move away from the wall whenever you enter the room any other custom triggers. Just use your imagination.
Other kinds of mounts:
While the motorized, automated wallmount was the most impressive thing we saw K2 also had some really solid looking flat panel mounts. They carry articulating arm mounts, flush arm mounts, tile arm mounts and even a projector mount. All of the mounts are very clean, solid looking pieces of equipement. All of them are built of stainless steel and K2 includes free devices insurance up to $10,000. Device insurace:
 The free device insurance means that if any of your equipement ends up damaged because the wall mount fails K2 will refund the damage up to $10,000 dollars. Not bad insurance in my oppinion. That means they have a lot of confidence in what they’re building.
Color options:
No, they don’t come in yellow or anything crazy. K2 wall mounts all keep a classy steel or black look and have very nice heavy duty finishes. So check out K2, we’re all pretty excited about these.

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