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KVM Switches with Macintosh Units

For all those people out there that need to use two computers with a KVM switch, consider your options. PC computers are pretty versitile when it comes to KVM Switches. Almost any KVM will work. Macintosh computers and Unix/Linux computers are a different story altogether. For these type of computers you will want to consider your options. Look at the ports that your computer has available. The most common ports nowadays are the USB port and the PS/2. If your computer has PS/2 ports, then those are your best options.

PS/2 ports are round and have 6 pins in the middle.

USB ports are rectangle on the computer side, just like the one in the picture labeled A.

But at the same time, you will want to make sure that the KVM Switch you are about to order is compatible with that operating system. For example, we carry a 4 port ps2 KVM Switch that works with almost all operating systems. But it will not work with Mac OSX. You can plug the two together using a USB to PS2 adapter, but you are going to get some wacked out results.

You will also need to make sure that your KVM has the right video ports on it. Check out the ports in this diagram to see if any match up, and use the port name to get the right KVM.

Last of all, you will need to know if your keyboard and mouse are going to work with the setup. Many wireless USB/keyboard combos do not work with KVMs since not all USB KVMs send a true USB signal to the computer. In most cases it is much cheaper to get a keyboard and mouse with seperate connectors that have the same interface.

So, for best results you will want to:

1. Check the ports on your computer
2. Check the ports on your display
3. Check the ports on your keyboard and mouse

Once you know these three things you are ready to buy a kvm.

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