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Keeping it clean–eliminating cables.

What’s the worst part about moving around your AV equipment? All the cables right? Once they are connected, you don’t want to mess with them and when you do, you find out that some are too long, some are too short, and all of them are UGLY. Running a cable drop down a wall is expensive and messy, and very permanent. Until recently, there weren’t any other options. Enter wireless HDMI. Really. Send video and audio up to full 1080p wirelessly. It will extend up to 30 feet, and eliminate the mess of an in wall cable termination, and avoid the unsightly (and dangerous) cable winding around the room. And it comes from Gefen, so you know it is quality. So, want to rearrange the furniture for the next superbowl party? Go ahead… nothing is stopping you now.

Want to really clean things up? Feed your Wireless HDMI with a DVDO Video processor Your home theater setup will be a dream come true.

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