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VGA to HDMI Adapter

Limitations of a Cable

Our world is run by cables. Cables connect our homes to internet and TV services. Cables connect our TVs to our video and game equipment. Cables connect the inner workings of these electronic devices. In reality all of the circuits in those electronics are made up of tiny cables.

So what can’t these cables do?

Well first off, a cable is only as good as the equipment it is connecting between. Also, cables only carry the data from one device to another. They do not perform any magical transformation of the signal from one format to another.

You can only connect cables between compatible devices

Just like you can’t install a bicycle tire on your BMW, you can’t send incompatible signals to other devices. A VGA signal must be run to a VGA device. An HDMI signal must be run to an HDMI device. A component signal must be run to a component device. I’m sure you’re getting my point here.

So how does this affect me?

This means you need to thoroughly think through what you’re trying to connect and do it the right way. If the devices you’re connecting don’t use the same format signal, you’re going to need an active converter box to convert between the two systems so that these systems can communicate. For example, let’s say you want to connect the VGA output of your computer to a TV that uses HDMI for its inputs. In order to accomplish this, you’ll need an active VGA to HDMI converter. If you’re still wondering about that, read this article on why you can’t use a VGA to HDMI Cable.

How do I know what I need then?

Well, this is a little bit harder question to answer. You can start by looking for converters that go between the two signals you want to use. You can read online about the specific signal types and what they are or aren’t compatible with. Or you can call us here at Sewell Direct. Signal converters are one of our biggest focuses, and if you need to get from one signal to another, we can surely share what we know about doing so. So visit us at SewellDirect.com or give us a call at 1-801-356-3823.

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