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Long Firewire 4 pin Cables

Firewire has a cable limit of 15′ without a repeater. If you are coming from a powered 6 pin firewire port, (like those on desktop computers) repeater cables like our SW-1101 are a simple and inexpensive solution.

If you have a 4 pin port on your computer, (or an un-powered 6 pin port) then the repeater cables will not work. The repeater requires in-line power from the 6 pin port.

Gefen has a solution for exending firewire cables. It is a little more complicated, (and unfortunately more expensive) but it will allow you to run longer distances.

You will need the firewire 400 repeater from gefen, and the power supply (which isn’t included) and a couple of the longest firewire device cables.

Depending on your total distance, you can daisy-chain repeaters together with specialized 33 foot cables.

4 pin Extension

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