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Mac Driver For USB DVI External Video Card Out, and Tested In-House


At long last, Display Link has officially come out with their Mac driver for the Usb External Video Card.

One of the very few drawbacks of owning certain Macs is that it is nearly impossible to add extra monitors. For machines that you can’t open or install new cards in, like the Mac Mini or the iMac, you were pretty much doomed to the prison cell of a few inches. With the advent of the USB to DVI, thousands of users of these machines will be turned loose to be able to use more than one monitor. And since the DVI signal is a DVI-I, you can put a DVI-VGA adapter on it (which comes included) for use with a VGA monitor. If you look at the Mac demographic, it is accepted that many of them are designers, video editors, music producers, etc. These are all fields where having more real estate is key. What if you spent that extra bit of money and got a MacBook Pro for the extra DVI port, but still wanted more monitors? Now you can with the new release of the USB to DVI mac driver.

Display Link had a working version of the Mac driver back in January that they showed us at CES. In the last couple months they’ve worked out the kinks and bugs and have officially released their product which is now fit for mass use. We tested it today in-house on a Macbook Air and it worked beautifully. When you open the system preferences menu to change resolution, a resolution menu conveniently pops up on both screens simultaneously clearing up any confusion of which monitor’s resolution you’re changing. One thing we noticed is that dragging windows around on the extra monitor with the mac driver is slightly choppier than its PC counter-part. Display Link says they are working on it and hope to have updated drivers in the future that will fix it. I’m all for the release of this current version for Mac use now as opposed to waiting longer for them to tweak and improve it.

Another thing we noticed about this driver is that it wouldn’t work with the older USB to DVI version with the old chip set. The easiest way to know if your USB to DVI works with the new Mac driver is by looking at the logo on the unit. If the logo says ‘Sewell’, you can rest assured that it is the newer chip set and so will work with the Mac version. If you bought your unit from us and it is more generic, it’s the older chip set and probably won’t work with this driver (although trying it out won’t cost you anything if you’ve already got the adapter).

Mac OSX BETA drivers (These drivers are still in a beta form and are not guaranteed to work in all cases)

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