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Manhattan PC to TV converter

There are a few things that you may want to check when using the PC to TV converter.

PC to TV Converter

First is that the VGA cable from the computer is connected to the right port on the 150095. The black 15 pin VGA port on the converter box is the port that connects to the computer. The blue VGA port is the one that connects to your monitor.

The second thing to check is that your computer is at an appropriate screen resolution. If you are using Windows, then you can change the resolution by following these steps:

1. Right click on the desktop
2. Left click on the Settings tab
3. Select the appropriate video output in the display dropdown menu
4. Lower the screen resolution using the Screen Resolution slider bar to 1024X768.
5. Click on the Apply button

The TV should now be able to show the picture, as the resolution is now supported. If there’s any doubt about resolution, you can always lower it down to 800X600, just to see if it is working.

The next thing to check is that the USB cable is plugged in, as that is how the unit gets power.

The last thing to check is that your TV is set to the right source. If you have the adapter plugged into the SVideo port, then the TV will need to be set to its SVideo port. If you are using the Yellow RCA connection, then you will need to make sure that one of composite RCA/AV connections is the setting on the TV.

If you have an HDTV, you may want to check out the PC to HDTV converter.

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