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Migration Software and FastLynx

People often ask us if they can use FastLynx to transfer programs from one computer to another. FastLynx cannot do this operation. FastLynx was made primarily for transferring all sorts of files between computers, whether for backup, restoration, or just plain fun. Transferring software bewteen computers is called Software Migration. While this may have been possible through FastLynx in the days of DOS and Win 3.1, it requires more sophisticated software to make such transfers.

Piracy has become a large issue. Software producers have become paranoid about their software, and have developed ways to make it so their software needs a disk and a validation key to reinstall. Some examples of registration paranoia include putting code into the Registry, requiring all sorts of hidden files, or even have files that are specific to certain computers based on their hardware configuartion.

There are companies that make Migration software that knows where to copy, and what to copy, so that the software still works. Much of Migration software is incredibly accurate, and gets the job done. On the other hand, it can do some damage if it isnt perfected. Because software is always changing migration software is difficult to make. There are millions of programs out there, and not all of them have been cracked by software migraters.

Software migration is not illegal, although it can be used for illegal transactions. At the same time, it is safer to use install disks, or downloaded installers, than to migrate software.

If you choose to go the more dangerous route, do your research well, and you may find migration software that works quite well.

By the way, if you have bought software from a company, there is always the chance that it you’re in their database, and can ask them for a replacement CD.

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