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Netmos 9835 and DOS

You’ve all been wondering “How can I get my awesome new computer running MS-DOS to use a Netmos Parallel/Serial card?” Well, I just did it myself, so here are a few tips. Once you’ve installed the card, access the DOS file. It is called NmDOSIn.exe. It will look like the caption below.

NetMos DOS installer version 1.00.024 dated 19-DEC-2001.
Usage : NmDosIn [options/parameters]By default, NmDosIn displays COM/LPT ports.

-a[dd] = Add NetMos Ports
-c[onfig]: = Configure NetMos Ports
-d[elete] = Delete NetMos Ports
-r[emap] = Remap NetMos ports to legacy ports
-s[ilent] = Silent mode
-t[est] = Test ports (requires external Loop-Back plugs)
-u[nused] = remap to all Unused legacy port i/o base,
without consideration of COM/LPT number

Config Option Parameters
e.g., -config:lpt=spp would set all LPT ports to SPP
e.g., -c:lpt1=spp would set lpt1 to SPP
e.g., -c:lpt1=spp,lpt2=bpp would set lpt1 to SPP and lpt2=BPP

The configuration option parameters are for the parallel port. You can use these parameters to change the mode that the parallel port uses and the lpt address it is assigned to. I know these instructions are crud. If you have questions though, then just ask.

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