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Networking With the Colors of the Rainbow


Many network administrators and consumers generally choose one color of Cat5e Ethernet cabling when they network various parts of their business or home. Here are some examples as to why you would choose various colors for different projects.

  1. An room with that has Ethernet cable looks better when the cable matches the color of the carpet or walls.
  2. When organizing a patch panel or server solutions, it’s much easier to troubleshoot problems when you know a certain color comes in to the switch or router and a certain color goes out.
  3. When connecting a cable or DSL modem to a wireless router, having a different colored shorter Ethernet cable as the input can ensure you connect the modem to the right port on the router.
  4. When laying long cable through walls, sometimes you don’t have access to see what Ethernet cable is plugged into where on the switch or router. By simply having a different cable color, you can quickly assess which cable leads to where.
  5. Using different colored Ethernet cable can be a way to spice up the office or bring attention to a particular computer or switch.

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Cat5e - blue, gray, yellow, red, black, white, green
Cat6 - blue, gray, yellow, red, black, white, green

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