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PCI Slots

When purchasing a USB, Firewire, ethernet, or any other type of PCI card, it can be a bit daunting. With these tips and diagram, we hope to clarify any misunderstandings on this issue. PCI slots are a common slot found on the inside of a computer, on the motherboard. These slots are used for expansion, as well as upgrading your computer.

There are different types of PCI slots, so it is wise to correctly identify the slot inside your computer before purchasing a PCI card. Below is a diagram that shows the different types of slots. The red arrows indicate a divider in the slot. If you are looking in your computer to determine the type of slot you have, then use the back(metal) part of your computer as a reference. The left side of the picture is the equivilent of the back of your computer.

PCI Slots

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