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PCMCIA Internet solutions

Well, you’ve all been wanting to watch your favorite internet romance (below) with your new PCMCIA wireless internet card on your computer that has no PCMCIA slots.

We’ve mentioned some of the different solutions in days gone by, but it’s time to pull it all together.

The Solutions:

If you have USB ports then you can either use a USB to 16 bit PCMCIA card slot adapter, or a USB to 32 bit PCMCIA card slot adapter. You will need to check the specs list for each of these products to see if your card is listed under the support cards list.
USB to 16 bit PCMCIA card slot adapter USB to 32 bit PCMCIA card slot adapter

If your laptop has built in WiFi(802.11g or 802.11b) then you can also use a router that accepts PCMCIA cards. The Pheobus Wifi Router will do this.

Phoebus PCMCIA Router

Or you can use the EVDO WiFi hotspot Router.

EVDO WiFi Router

If you are the lucky owner of a desktop PC then you can use a PCMCIA to PCI converter card.


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