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PCMCIA card reader

We had a customer call in today who had purchased a Macally PCMCIA 4 in 1 card reader from another company. The customer had purchased the Macally card reader to use with a 1 GB SD flash. When they received the card reader, they plugged it in to their laptop. To thier utter amazment and horror, it did not work. So they contacted the people they purchased from, who told them that 1 GB SD cards were not supported.

Well, they returned that card, and called us to ask if are card reader had the same problem. I didn’t know if it did, so I tested it out, and it worked. So, if you have had the same problem on another PCMCIA card reader, be assured that our card does work with 1 GB SD cards.

5 in 1 PCMCIA Card Reader

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