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PCMCIA to PCI adapter

PCMCIA to PCI adapters are used to connect a PCMCIA(cardbus) card to a desktop computer. Our card adapter uses the Ricoh chipset. The only compatibility problems that we have experienced have been with networking cards. I’ve only heard of a few people having this problem. It would be nice to have a list of cards that don’t work with this adapter. Maybe that’s a bit unrealistic, since there are so many cards out there. So, how about we post a card’s info if we find out that it works or doesnt work with PCMCIA to PCI adapters. We just had a customer use it with the Novatel V620 network card. So far it has worked great. If anyone has tested a similar scenario, let us know what you found.

Click here if you are trying to connect a PCI card to a laptop’s PCMCIA slot.

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