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PS2 to USB adapter with Dell mouse

We just had a customer return a PS2 to USB mouse/keyboard adapter. When the return had been authorized, the part was thought to be defective. When we tested the adapter, it worked fine. Just to make sure it wasnt defective, we tested it with several mice in several different ps2 ports. We plugged it directly into the computer, and tried it in two different KVM switches.

We then found out that the customer had been using a Dell optical mouse. I scraped our barrel, and found a Dell mouse(non optical). Upon plugging the mouse into the adapter, I found that nothing happened. The mouse was definitely good, and so was the PS2 to USB adapter. I searched the web and found several other people with the same problem. It turns out that Dell mice are not always compatible with these adapters.

Maybe Dell has an adapter that does work. As for our adapter, it is not compatible with Dell mice. Our adapter was made specifically Logitech mice. Most generic mice use the Logitech setup. Microsoft Mice also use the same setup as Logitech mice.

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