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Phillips 7130 PCI TV Tuner in Vista with TV Expert

You’ve been wanting to know how to install the Phillips 7130 in Vista. Well, here is your guide. Though we do not support this option yet, we have made this guide for those using Vista with a card they have already purchased. For the time being we will not provide support other than this. The beginning of the guide is quite basic.

Before you begin the installation, have the computer off, and insert the card into your computer’s PCI slot.

Once Vista is booted up, it will ask you where the drivers for the device are. If you don’t have Vista drivers, you can get them from the following link. http://www.itemstech.com.tw/support/download.asp The drivers are also included in the file(under Phillips 713X). Have the install install the drivers from a specific folder, and point it to the folder where these drivers are.


You will then get a prompt that the drivers are not WHQL certified. I usually ignore these.


The drivers will begin to install


And the installation will finish.


You can then look in the device manager for the Phillips 7130.


From there you can proceed to install the TV Expert software. Open the setup file. And click on the Next button.


Click on the Next button again.


Then click on the Install button.


Watch the pretty bar as it proceeds from left to right.


Click on the Finish button.


Then open up the TV Expert. Select the right language(I chose English) and click on Enter.


The settings menu will appear. From here you will need to make sure that the right audio source is selected.


Drop down the Audio Mixer Device menu and select the right audio input for the program.


I chose one of my microphone inputs.


Pretty awesome huh!?


I then chose to have my playback controlled by the Master volume.


Then click on Okay.

The program should now be ready to run. If you are having problems with audio, amke sure that the audio output on the Phillips 7130 is connected to the right input on the computer. You may also need to check your control panel to make sure that the Sound for that port is not muted(or at least turned up to a decent level). If that doesnt fix it, then make sure that the sound card drivers on the computer are Vista drivers. Even if it installs correctly, the drivers may be causing some sort of incompatibility.

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