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Quatech Parallel PCMCIA + FastLynx = Needs Configuration

Here are some very easy instructions to get the Quatech Parallel PCMCIA card working with FastLynx:

1. Install the Quatech card and drivers

2. Open the Quatech Parallel Port properties in device manager

3. Click on Resources tab

4. Click on I/O address and uncheck “Use Automatic Settings”

5. Click on the “Change Settings” button

6. Enter range EFF8 - EFFF (a range slightly lower should work if this address is already taken.)

7. Click Okay

8. Click on "Port Settings" tab

9. Select "Try not to use an interrupt" or "Never use an Interupt" (an interrupt gets in the way for some reason)

10. Enable "Legacy Plug and Play detection"

11. Click Okay

12. Restart your computer

13. Open FastLynx

14. Click on "Specify Remote Connection Parameters" button

15. Specify whether the computer with the Quatech card is the Client or the Server

16. Select the LPT port that corresponds with the Quatech card

17. Lower the speed to 4-bit normal (it had issues in higher speeds. These issues may just have been the computers we were using. The connection broke every once and a while at the higher speeds.)

18. Click okay, and connect the two computers

19. Start transferring files

Here is a picture of a successful connection using the link integrity test.

Quatech file transfer

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