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SW-4562 lgWe’ve posted several times here on the Sewell Tech Blog about the Top Global Phoebus. This mobile router has been with us for years, allowing hundreds of our customers to access the internet from anywhere and create a mobile internet hotspot. The mobile router allowed you to plug in a PCMCIA card from your cellular provider that received a 3G signal from cell towers. It then translated that signal into an 802.11g signal that you and your posse could use while only paying one data plan fee.

Many people complained about the form factor. It is in the form of a pyramid. According to leading geometrists, the only shape less portable and convenient to carry around would be a cubic rhombus.

SW-8940The latest in mobile routers comes from Kyrocera. The Kyocera KR2 makes all other mobile routers pale in comparison with some necessary modernized features. Note however that you can only use this router if you are using the EV-DO network.

Kyocera’s KR2 now features the long-awaited ability to use all three common interfaces that receive EV-DO signals: PCMCIA, ExpressCard, and USB. The new router also features the newer 802.11n standard, which uses MIMO technology, allowing for bi-directional up and down streams of data. This essentially makes data transfer max out at twice the speed. 802.11n also allows a much wider distance and increases transfer speeds for areas that are further away from the router.

With a price point lower than the Phoebus, the KR2 is a no brainer (as long as you’re on an EV-DO network).

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