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Rackmount Monitors and KVMs

Rackmount LCD Monitor Keyboard KVM
Rackmount KVMs are all the rage in SoHo and Greenwich Villiage these days, so naturally, Sewell would want to get in on the action. OK, so these aren’t the most glamorous product we sell (see: iTheater) but for you networking professionals out there, this may be of interest. These rackmount KVMs and monitor/keyboard units are designed to take up a single unit (1U) on your network equipment rack while still giving you an LCD monitor, keyboard, pointer device, and (if applicable) KVM switching. The coolest of these really cool rackmount KVMs and monitors have a dual-rail configuration, so that you can pull out your keyboard and monitor, keyboard, monitor, or neither (huh) while still only using one module on your rack. Pretty sweet.

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