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Reaching out of the Wireless Cloud


In many homes, wireless Internet connectivity is a blessing. There are no wires, no mess, and you can resonably avoid the “web” of wires that occures when many different colored Ethernet patch cables are all bundled up together connecting to routers, computers, printers, and other networked devices.

However, the wonderful cloud of wireless technology only spreads so far. Wireless signals generally do not penetrate concrete walls or metal framing very well. Boosters can be added to some routers to extend the range to those hard to reach areas of a home, but will hardly help through previously mentioned cement or metal framed walls. If you have a home theater room or office in a poor location, there is a solution that can offer comperable speed to wireless that uses standard AC power lines.

The Intellinet HomePlug adapters and router provide a solution that transmits networking signals through conventional AC power lines already installed in many homes.  If you think this would be a viable solution to your needs, you can choose between a router and/or HomePlug adapters.

If you already have a router setup in your home and just need to setup a “bridge”, purchasing a HomePlug kit is the ideal solution to connect a computer or networked device that’s hard to reach wirelessly. The Intellinet HomePlug kit comes with 2 adapters (sender/receiver) and can be used with any device that connects via a standard Ethernet port.

When you need to split or distribute your interent connection to multiple computers or networked devices (one of them needing to connect via HomePlug), Intellinet provides a router with HomePlug capabilities built-in. This allows you to share your internet connection and hook up a computer with the AC power cable already installed in your home.

For more information about these HomePlug adapters, their prices, speed, and availabliliy, please visit the following product pages:

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Homeplug Wireless Router (85 mbps)
Intellinet Homeplug Network Adapter (200 mbps)

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