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SOHO Server Appliance

Intellinet SOHO Sever ApplianceFaced with the proliferation of home and small business networks, the ever-present American dream of being able to do everything with one device has stepped up and given rise to the Intellinet SOHO Server Appliance. This handy little box is the small network jack-of-all-trades. It’s a stand-alone network device that requires no monitor, no separate OS, and only needs an ethernet connection to work its magic (and a power cord as well, for the extremely literal-minded among us). In exchange for these few things, the SOHO gives you a plethora of capabilities. It has a built-in NAS that allows you to connect a 3.5? hard drive and use it as network storage, accessible from any computer on the network. It does print serving, file serving, routing, and email administration. In addition, it provides a shared internet connection as an internet router, complete with denial-of-service security, firewall, and VPN access. What more could you ask for from a small, unassuming box?

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