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Sewell Aluminum iPod Case Vs. Others

I’ve had iPod since 2003 and have gone through several cases.

I started out with the iskin. The iskin I used (this was in 2003, I don’t know if they have revised the design) scratched the shiny chrome backing in a way that even icleaner chrome polish couldn’t fix. Plus, there was no protection to the scratch prone buttons and screen of the 3G. The rubber texture of the iskin was difficult to put in and take out of your pocket. To take it out of your pocket, be prepared to pull your pocket inside out with it.

I went next to the Belkin Car holster and clip. This holster isn’t designed to be a protective case, but worked surprisingly well as protection. With no face protection, it still gave it a solid backing for drops or slides. Of course, the face scratching was horrendous.

Next, when I got the newer 4G model, I decided to do it right and got the DLO Podfolio. I couldn’t be more unimpressed. It is a leather case with a soft flexible plastic face for protection, and a cut out circle to use the click wheel. The soft plastic face was very abrasive to the screen. It would stick to the screen, causing unsightly permanent scratches and scuffs with any ipod movement. The soft leather bent outward after the wear and tear of 4-5 months, and the ipod could easily slip out.

Ironically, my next case was the least expensive but met all of my requirements. The Sewell aluminum case has a thin felt inner cushion that guards from the shock of a fall and babies the ipod against scratches. The screen is protected by a hard plastic window that doesn’t come close to touching the ipod, ensuring its safety from scuffs. A circle is cut out to give you control without removing the ipod from the case. The ports are also uncovered so you can sync and charge without inconvenient removal. I haven’t removed the ipod since I bought the case.

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