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Standard Definition Video Adapters For Your Computer

Here at Sewell Direct we have seen, sold, and investigated many dozen, if not hundreds, of possible solutions for putting your computer’s video output onto your TV screen. There are many of varieties, some active and some passive for accomplishing this. A brief discussion of the difference is given in the article Choosing a VGA to RCA adapter.

What you need to know
First off, there are many different video signal types and they are not directly interchangeable (without converters), so you need to know what types of video signals you’re dealing with. In this article we are only going to discuss outputting the standard yellow (composite) RCA signal and the S-Video type signal. So, knowing that you need to know if your TV supports one or both of those signal types. Most TVs do, but you’ll want to save yourself some hassle and find out first.

Second thing you’ll want to know goes right along with this. Those two signal types are standard definition video types. If your TV is an HDTV you’ll want to contact Sewell Direct’s support for help choosing an HD solution. You’ll need to know if your TV is an HDTV or a standard definition TV.

The Third thing is knowing what type of signal is coming from your computer. Most computers have VGA output ports and as such we’ll talk about some adapters compatible with those. Some newer computers only have DVI or HDMI type outputs, which will require a different type of PC to TV adapter.

Your Options
As I mentioned above, there are a lot of options. I’ll list a couple of the many, but to save you time, I’ll just tell you the one that I think is the best all around product to get. It’s the VGA to RCA adapter, part SW-22050. This adapter is small, inexpensive and comes with everything you need to get your VGA video signal out to your TV. It has both S-video and composite RCA (the yellow RCA jack found on most TVs) so you’re covered if you have either of those inputs.

Another strong option is the SW-23000. This one accomplishes the same thing, but it can be slightly more convenient to hook up because all of the cables that need to be connected to the computer are attached to the converter so you don’t have to worry about losing them, not knowing how to hook it up, or not knowing which cables are necessary. The only downside is that it is slightly more expensive than the first item mentioned.

These are going to be your best options for a standard definition video adapter. There are more options out there, but I won’t bore you with the less appealing options.

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