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Switching Between HDMI Devices

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With all of today’s high end electronics available, it is important to be able to switch or alternate between sources quickly and easily. One of the most common digital audio and video connection methods used today is HDMI (High-Definition Multimedia Interface). It allows the consumer to quickly connect nearly any HDMI-compliant equipment to a display (TV, projector, ect). This solution is perfect if you only have one device and one display. What if you have more?

That’s where HDMI switches come into play. Sewell Direct carries many different types of switches for nearly any type of home theater solution. Here’s a few examples of some types of switches.

1 Display, 2 Devices

If you only have two devices to switch from, getting a compact switch is the best way to go.

The IBIS HDMI Switch is a great inexpensive switch.

1 Display, 4 Devices

When you need to alternate between many different HDMI devices, Sewell produces a perfect solution for this.

The 4×1 HDMI Switcher is a slim and compact device that comes with a remote.

1 Display, 8 Devices

For the ultimate setup, an 8 port HDMI switch is ideal for presentations, home theater rooms, and more.

Gefen just introduced the 8x1 HDMI switch a short time ago.

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