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Fisher Space Pen

The Story of Fisher Space Pens

Firstly, for anyone who thinks its strange that we are now selling Fisher Space Pens should realize that we aren’t discriminatory. We are an equal technology opportunity retailer, engaged in the selling of any cool techy gadget.

What’s a Fisher Space Pen?

For those of you not yet in the know, a space pen is a pen with a pressurized refill ink cartridge. This allows you to write upside down, or even on a surface that you typically wouldn’t assume a pen could even write, like on the skin of a greased up pig.

The Story of Fisher Space Pens

And finally, the story. The story is really more interesting than the product itself, unless of course you’re in a sticky situation that requires you to write on a wet fish you just caught while lying on your back.

Back in December of 1945 the inventor of the ballpoint pen, Milton Reynolds, hired Paul C. Fisher to perfect the ballpoint pen. Later, in 1965 when men started space exploration, Fisher decided that people in space would need a pen that they could write with in zero gravity and also in extreme heat of non atmospheric space travel (250F+). The pressurized ink cartridge was then devised. But then the story gets even wilder.

The pressurized ink cartridge had a problem; there was nothing keeping it from spilling ink everywhere, or to regulate how much ink came out when in use. Fisher struggled with the problem until this event (in Fisher’s words):

“So, I made a pressurized pen, but all of the available inks kept oozing around the ball point. My father, who had passed away, came to me in a dream and told me to use a small amount of rosin to stop the oozing. Rosin did not help, but through trial and error, we did discover that certain rubber like synthetic resins solved the problem.”

Well, whether or not you believe in the story, nothing will put you into greater disbelief after you try the amazing pen known as the space pen.

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