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On your next computer purchase, it’s important to choose the right option for your needs. Sewell Direct offers many types of PC cases as well as internal accessories. So, what are the advantages or disadvantages of building your own PC?

Customization - When choosing components of your computer, everything is fair game in terms of what you want to purchase. Anything from the color of your case to how many PCI slots you want your choice. Being able to choose also aids in upgradeability. When you want to upgrade your hard drive, processor, or motherboard, typically the case you choose will be universal and can adapt to many types of configurations.

Costs - At times, you can find certain expensive components of a custom computer on sale or discounted. This can save you money initially when making your own system and help you decide on which components to buy.

No Crapware
Most major manufactures install crapware, or software that has a free trial or provides a service you will never use and thus, taking up valuable resources. By installing a fresh copy of Windows or Linux, you can avoid that mess all together.

Only a few years ago, building your PC was the way to go to save money. You could really save a lot of cash initially. Now with Dell, HP, Apple, and other manufactures battling to get their system in your office, prices have tumbled. You can get a reasonably good pre-built system for around 600-800 dollars.

No combined warranty
When purchasing parts, many manufactures will provide a 1 year limited warranty. However, it's hard to keep track of which part came from where and how long the warranty is. Sometimes it's hard claiming an exchange or repair from a company overseas. With a major manufacture, you could purchase up to 3-5 years of coverage which includes the entire system.

Operating System
Generally when building your own computer, it doesn't include an operating system, let alone, any software for that matter. Purchasing a retail copy of Windows will run you a few hundred dollars. When installing Linux or some other open-source operation system, you don't need to worry about cost since most distributions of Linux are completely free.

Although it's much easier to build a computer today then it was, lets say, five years ago, you still need to know the in's and out's of drivers. When building your own system, plan on spending Friday night downloading new drivers and reading forums as to why your video card won't display more then 256 colors.

If you’re interested in customization (hardware and software), try building your own PC next time. If you’re not comfortable with putting a PC together, let Dell build one for you this time around.

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