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Toshiba PC Card HD Enclosures

We recently had a customer that had ordered a 1.8 inch USB 2.0 Toshiba Hard Drive Enclosure. Their Hard Drive had a female connection, so we thought it had the same interface as all other 1.8 inch Toshiba drives. It turned that the interface was completely different. Rather than having a 50 pin female connection, it had a 68 pin female connection. It was a Hard Drive made for plugging into PCMCIA slots. We do not carry any enclosures for this type of drive. Because they are not as common as other drives, I imagine that there aren’t any enclosures out there for this product, but maybe I’m wrong. The one model of HD that we know has this setup is the MK2001MPL.

If you would like to hook up a Toshiba PC Card Hard Drive to your desktop computer, then try using a PCMCIA to PCI adapter.

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