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Trackstick: Something Worth Spending $4 a Gallon on Gas On

SW-9129While the oil industry does everything to ruin your summer vacation plans, Trackstick is out there liberating the not-as-free-as-we-thought world.

Trackstick is one of Sewell’s new products, and I have to say, its a lot more interesting than a lof of this PCMCIA bluetooth 12-port VOIP serial male to male mumbo jumbo we usually deal with.

The trackstick is a revolutionary way to see where a person, car, plane, boat, or whatever has been. Here is a map of when I was running from New York to Seattle Forrest Gump style (I got lost in New York as you can tell):

super trackstick with google earth

Well this isn’t really me, but this is an example of what you’d see if you’re using a Google Map with this device. Pretty cool, huh? You can use it in conjunction with the Hidden Teddy Bear Camera to monitor your teenager at home and on the road! It even tracks data, like miles per hour, so you know if your teenager has been driving too fast.

We currently carry two versions of the Trackstick: the Trackstick Pro and the Super Trackstick. The main difference is that the Trackstick Pro is a more permanent installation and is powered by the car’s battery or cigarette lighter, and the Super Trackstick is more portable and battery powered.

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