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Transferring Outlook with Fastlynx

Getting the data from your old computer to your new computer can be a lot of time and work. Fastlynx can facilitate the backup of your data and files. However not your programs.

One of the trickier aspects is transferring your outlook data to the new computer, with your address book and other information. Outlook stores all of the information in itself, and doesn’t by default have a files that you can just transfer over like your Word documents or Pictures. But you can do it… you just have to know where to look.

Open outlook on the old computer, go to file, then Import and Export… export the data to a file. Select an appropriate file type, such as Comma Separated Values for Windows, and find the folders you want to export–contacts, inbox, calendar etc. Then give it a name that is easy to remember like Old computer Inbox, and save it on the local machine (I think by default it is saved to the My Documents folder) Finish the wizard.

Start Fastlynx on both computers, and transfer the file you just created (Old computer Inbox.csv) to the new computer. Then open Outlook on the new computer.

From the file menu, again select Import and Export, choose to import from a program or file, select the format (like Microsoft Excel) and browse for the file that you just transferred with Fastlynx.

Select the corresponding folder on the new computer and you can upload the old file.

Repeat these same steps for all of your outlook folders and you will have all of your information, emails contact etc. up and running on your new computer.

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