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Tutorial- Mac OS 10.4 with USB to Parallel adapters

Okay. This tutorial is kind of rushed. But if you do have questions, dont hesitate to bring them up at the Sewell Direct Forum. Suppose your name is Cameron Postelwait. This is what your System profile will look like when you have the USB to Parallel adapter installed. To get there:
1. Click on the Apple in the corner
2. Click on More Info
3. Click on USB on the left hand side
4. You should notice IEEE 1284 on the right hand side. If it isnt showing up then either it isnt plugged in good enough, or it is bad, or it isnt using the Prolific chip.

System Profile

Next lets move onto the System prefrences.

System Prefernces

5. Click on Print & Fax
6. The Print & Fax window will pop open


7. Click on the Plus sign


8. The Printer Browser opens
9. You should see the IEEE-1284 controller if the adapter is connected without a printer. If the printer is also connected, then it should show the printer name instead.


10. Go ahead and select it and Click on the Add button.
11. If you just see the USB adapter in the Printer Name list, then click on it and change the Printer being used through it down below on the drop down menu.


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